Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Lub My Hubby :)

Since the day we starting dating, Kyle has always been such a sweetheart and he is always taking care of me and doing things for me. The first day we saw each other after I moved (which was in January of '09) I got sick and he ran to the store to get pepto and my favorite candy bar. He even watched a bunch of chick flicks with me that weekend! Now, almost 2 years later, he is still such a gentleman and so loving. I feel so blessed. :) Today, I came home to a clean home...this really isn't surprising, because he is really good at keeping things clean. As for me, I try my best. But, it was still so nice to come home to a place that was vacuumed, dusted and wiped down. It feels so great to know that I can always count on him to do things for me, even when I don't ask him to do it! I love it! I seriously have married a dream boy that every girl wishes for. Yes, you should be jealous ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

What has the Lord done for you today?

So, once again, it is one of those days...that welcome one of those weeks..Today started out frustrating and cruddy, for reasons I can not explain..for I don't even know the reason to begin with. It's like I can't control my frustration or anger, and I really do hate it. I mean, I am a generally nice person and I normally spend my days in smiles. But nope, not this morning, and a good portion of the day-or at least this morning. I finally said a prayer some time this late morning, and I was amazed at how quickly I felt better. Now, this may not get rid of those feelings completely and for the whole day, but the day went a whole lot better than it would have if I had not done that. I would like to express how grateful I am for what the Lord does for me each and ever day. Especially those small things, they mean so much, and I know I couldn't live each day happy and well with out Him...He has done so much. And I really want to do better and be the person He knows I can be.
Anyway, I felt like I really needed to share that...time for bed. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Election Day

August 24th was Election Day in Arizona. That night, we spent our time at Brenda Burns' home watching the polls. I have never done that before in the past [I believe it's because I didn't know where to go on the internet to find that kind of thing], but it was fun and exciting! Anyway, I have some pictures from that night...

Moving In..

And this is us moving in.....Our amazing friends, Forrest and Melissa, helped us out.

Stuart Falls Hike...the pictures.

So about a week and a half ago I had a post about Kyle and I and our friends, Forrest and Melissa, going on a hike to Stuart Falls. I told you that I would post pictures as soon as we got internet. Well, we've got internet now, so here you go! Enjoy!! :)

Before we started on our journey..

And here we go!! Off to the falls..

On our journey, we hit a lot of open areas where you could see the valley and mountains that were around us. It was so pretty...so obviously, I had to take pictures as we went..

We made it! Well, pretty much...we could see the falls, they were just down that hill..But, I wanted to stop and take pictures of the group with that beautiful background :)

Stuart Falls!

The guys were wondering if there was a pool of water up there, so they decided to climb and investigate..

They wanted to go further up, so we took the challenge and made our way around this part of the mountain...it was very scary for me, more so than I was expecting...but so glad I did it! It was very adventurous! Plus, I fought one of my greatest fears, which is heights, and did it...which I feel very proud that I did :) Kyle was too.

Where the adventure lead us..

We couldn't leave without a family picture! :)

The End! I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more pictures, I will have them posted on my facebook page.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our New Home

This is our new home! It is a 3 bedroom complex with a washer and dryer hookup. We absolutely love our home!! I will post pictures with it furnished later...


My friend, Ali, posted on her blog about these cookies and how they are now in stores. When I saw her post I freaked and went and got these at Walmart as soon as I could. These cookies are the best! I always looked forward to these when my mom would order them through the girl scouts. They are soooo YUMMY!!! I definitely recommend them.

Haunted..or just plain ol' creepy..

We came across this rundown place when we were putting up yard signs one night. It was creepy because it had a couple of doors wide open and it was just pitch black inside...I was definitely creeped out.

Campaign Event in Kingman

This past august we had an event to go to in Kingman, Az. Governor Jan Brewer, Congressman Trent Franks, JD Hayworth, Doug Ducey, John Huppenthal, Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce and a lot of other candidates were there. Here are some pictures from it
Governor Jan Brewer

Congressman Trent Franks

JD Hayworth

Doug Ducey

John Huppenthal

Brenda Burns

Our Last Days in Arizona

Liberty. Isn't she adorable?
We got to see her before we left :)

Cute little Ashlyn. Sooo precious.

Kyle and Libby
He looooved her! Gives me hope for a puppy in the future...

Me and Libby

Kia! Ahhh, she is so cute..

Rally's. One of the best burgers and fries around. I miss it already.


And, of course, Peter Piper Pizza. Deeelish!


Kyle and Kia (big brother and little sister)