Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kyle and I were able to go down to Vegas where my sister lives for Christmas. It was so fun! My parents were there too, along with Jeremy and Zach....and don't forget Toby! :) We went to the park, played some frisby and the guys played basketball. The kids were able to have some fun playing on the playground and Kenton especially loved walking off on his own, finding adventure in the wild wild desert. For Christmas, we played games and just enjoyed the company of each other. We also had a wonderful dinner that Aubrey had planned and made for us (with help from the family). It was yummy! :) We weren't able to stay long, sadly, because I had to work Saturday night.

For the New Years, I had to work the Eve night..but luckily we close at 10:45, so I was able to get off after 11. Forrest and Melissa were able to come over and celebrate with us! It was fun :) We had chocolate, Cheez-IT's and Jones for drinks.

Last week, I had the night off and we were planning on going somewhere..but we ended up playing "Hide-and-go-Seek" in our teeny apartment before going out. We figured since the movie didn't start till later that we didn't need to leave yet. So somehow we randomly decided to do this. It was seriously so much fun! We played for almost 2 hours. We got pretty creative though. We hid in places like on top of the fridge(K), under the bathroom sink(B), in the shower(K&B), on the kitchen counter(B), under the desk(K-like the picture shown below..isn't he so cute and helpless!?)..there were so many more! haha, but we would move things around to try and get ourselves into a certain place. Our apartment, with all the lights off, didn't go completely dark with a little light coming through the shades...but there were some parts of the place that were especially dark. Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you something fun that we did!Oh, a little update on Kyle's schooling...he figured out what he is going to do with school. He will be majoring in public relations and minoring in political science. We hope to be done in about a year...but might be a year and a half...

Love you all!