Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun In the Sun

Here are pictures of events from the summer. Enjoy!

My cousin, Jill, got married in June in the Mesa, Arizona temple.

A Tea Party event in Tempe. We represented Brenda Burns also, she had broken her hip just days before this. Poor thing :(

Another Tea Party, in Phoenix

I want this puppy....

Kyle is wayyy strong :)

4th of July up in Heber. Awesome, huh?

The grandkids..except for babies.

Sydney! haha, so cute.

I babysat Brooklyn and Brent a week or two ago. Brooke and I played a Princess game, which is why she is decorated with pretend jewelry. We had lots of fun :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Walking Through Past Memories

Today I took a walk to some past memories..the elementary school that I went to, Hermosa Vista Skyhawks, and the home that we lived in for almost 11 years before we moved to Illinois. These are just a few pictures that I took..I had some fun with the camera, trying to be creative..but oh so not creative. haha. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I miss my little friend...

About 8 years ago my parents decided to get a little dog, a Shih-Tzu in fact. He has been our family pet since then, and we have loved that cute little thing to death! Especially me!! He is such a little sweetheart of a thing, and whenever you were having a rough day you could always count on him to make it better. He was such a cuddler, which I loved the most. Well, now that I am away and married, I never get to see the little runt. I miss him a lot. Anyway, I came upon a bunch of pictures of shih-tzu's just recently, but I found this one that looked just like him when he was a pup!

I would give just about anything to have a little pup like this. Toby is adorable, this one is adorable, but let's face it, Shih-Tzu's in general are just adorable! I love them all, and I want one terribly. But, sadly, I can't have one :( Maybe one day though....

Happy Birthday Brent!

Brent turned one! Ryan and 'Drea had a party for him up in Tempe at this little water..park? But, it was fun, and as you can see the kids had a lot of fun. :) Enjoy!!

Sydney is just so cute, haha. I caught her just standing there making this face. Obviously she was in her own world.

And even Brent got to enjoy a little bit of water fun!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh the Summer Days of Arizona

Kyle and I have been busy, busy, busy!! Each day there is always something for us to do. We are closing in on the primary election (August 24th), and things are becoming more crazy. We have been busy with posting campaign signs all across the state, painting signs, going to Political Forums, Tea Parties, District Meetings and so much more! It has been a very industrious summer for us, and even more for Kyle's parents. But, it has been fun and I can tell you that I have learned and gained so much from what we have done this summer. I never thought I would be so intertwined in the political life, yet I have always thought it would be cool to be a part of.

Aside from work, we have also done a lot of fun things this summer. Cabin trips are our favorite :) I will post some pictures of those trips soon...hopefully tonight. But, other than cabin trips we have been to family birthday parties, weddings, and my cousins homecoming. But, most importantly.....We had our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Yes, you heard me right, we are no longer "newly weds!" We have officially "survived" (as people like to say) our first year of marriage!! We are pretty excited about that. Although the first year was tough (as most people's first year of marriage normally is), it was a blast and we absolutely love being married(yes, we still love each other)!!! :) Things are going great, and we are excited to be in our second year of marriage already. We are now looking for a place up in Provo for when we head back up(which will be at the end of August).

Well, we love you all! Hope all is going well with you.

KBP <3