Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Burnt Forest after 8 years...

I was able to visit my parents property (which we now call "The Burnt Forest") up in Heber this past Monday. It looked to different and weird to me. I hardly recognized it. Someone had gone through the place and chopped down all the trees that we didn't get to from before we moved to Illinois. Now, the property is full of fallen/cut down burnt trees. Although, there are a lot of small green trees (which some were planted by us after the fire), and then some big green ones in the front of the property. But, to me, it looks so...open, and empty. :( Hopefully one day we'll be able to make good of this place and make it wonderful and beautiful again.
Here are some pictures that I took:

This is toward the front of the property.

The burnt trees that are laying every where throughout the place.

By the canal.

The canal toward the back of the property.

Where the small cabin once stood.

The water well, and in the back is the shed that we built after the fire to store tools for chopping down trees.

This is the "bridge" that was a little precarious and has since gotten a little worse.