Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Early to bed, early to rise" not quite how it works.

So this job has really played a part on my sleeping patterns. I have always had in mind that a typical person needs generally 6-8 hours of sleep. And for me, I always thought that I needed at least 8 hours to feel fully energized the next day. Well, I have found out that that is not how it works...I have been trying to go to bed at about 10pm everyday to get up just after 6am for work. I came across a blog post this morning about becoming an 'early bird'. I apparently have been looking at it wrong the whole time! I guess to become an early bird is to pay attention to when you are tired. When you can't keep your eyes open long enough, that means you're body needs some sleep and that you need to 'hit the hay!' To keep a schedule, wake up every morning (7 days a week) at the same time and your body will adjust to that. Each night your body will know how much sleep you need, according to the time you wake up, which is why you need to get to bed when you are tired. To know whether or not you are trully tired enough to sleep try reading a book. If you can't make it through 1-2 pages of the book, that means it's time for bed. And if you try going to bed and you're laying there for over 5 minutes, you aren't tired enough. And it doesn't matter how much sleep you get or how little, it's what your body knows is what you need (if that made sense). Here is the website where the blog is that I read about. She explains things a lot more (and better) than I do, maybe they'll be more helpful...
Anyway, this is how I am going to be doing things now and I'll let you know how it goes...although waking up at 6 on the weekends might not be what I had in mind...I don't know if that'll happen, but we'll see!

Monday, October 25, 2010

An October update

Okay, so I think I might have posted something about it before, but I'm not quite sure. So at the beginning of August I got a job with Select Staffing (which is through ModusLink) and they put me into data entry through their Apple account. I did that for about 2 and a half weeks which then they put me into training for an account called NAVTEQ. NAVTEQ is a raw map data distributor that updates nav discs for cars. I was being trained for the customer service position where I receive incoming calls for the updats. I trained in that for about 2 weeks. Those were a couple of the longest weeks that I have ever had. Last week I officially started working on the floor by myself. My schedule is 7-3 which is tiring but at the same time really nice to have because I get off so early. That is one thing that keeps me going, another is knowing that I will only have this job till Kyle is done with school which is [hopefully] under 2 years...I can and will survive. But, this job is really good though and I am so grateful to have. Some days are just hard because I am most definitely not a morning person! haha...but it is great to have nights off to spend with Kyle and most importantly the weekends!! :) I have never had a stable job like this where it has a set schedule..and I love it. It has been a definite change for me, but I could definitely get use to this. Anyway, Kyle is doing great in school! He is for sure ready to be done! haha...he hopes to be done spring of 2012. We cannot wait!
We are happy and doing great thought and both of us love this time of year....October: Halloween, November: Thanksgiving and December: CHRISTMAS!!!! :)
Well, that's it for now. Hope all is going well for all of you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Couple Things

1st thing: We got our desk!! And it is all set up! Last week we bought a really nice [and big] desk for the office. We got an awesome discount on it, along with the chair that we got for it. It all looks amazing! I love it and I know Kyle does too! It's a dark cherry wood, which I absolutely love! And there is just so much space for Kyle to work.
2nd thing: Last Saturday Kyle and I went to the BYU football game. It was my first football game to ever go to!! (Except for the few highschool football games I went to) But, for me, this was my very first professional football game and this was our first going it's like a double wammy! But yeah, it was pretty fun and WE WON!!! GO BYU!!!! :) Anyway, that is all.
Hope all is well for you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So this happened about 2 weeks ago. I had previously posted something about the construction workers, and I don't know if I ever talked about the gas leak..but now I am.
Okay, so the whole story about finding out about the gas leak is a very long story and too much to here is the short version...
The drive home (or at least the attempt to drive home) took about an hour which I found out at that point by fireman. I was trying to find my way around all the stupid construction (or at least I thought it was only that..), but found my way behind our house back in some neighborhoods where it was blocked off by fireman and police which I figured by that point I could just park and walk down to the house..but, of course, I was stopped by a fireman explaining the situation. is what happened: the construction workers weren't paying attention, cut a major gas pipe line which led to about a thousand people getting evacuated for the evening. We didn't get to go home till about 10:30, which we found out only by watching the news. Oh, and our gas was turned we couldn't get any hot water until we had a guy from Questar come out to turn it back on...we had to leave the next day for Vegas, which means that Kyle couldn't get a warm shower :( It was freeeeezing!! Poor guy. But yeah, so there's the was quite annoying to have to drive around for so long to try and figure out what the stink was going on...they should seriously pay me back for gas and mileage. ;) But, it is definitely an interesting story to tell! And I am certainly glad everyone was okay and that there was no explosion!

Ready. Aim. FIRE!

Yes, we went shooting. And it was a blast! :) We went with our friends, Forrest and Melissa and a couple of their friends tagged a long too! This is something that we will probably do (or at least hope to do) more often. This took place about over a month ago or so...the day after the Stake Activity [Western Style].
^This is an awesome picture, I must say ;)

Stake Activity

Stake Activity! Western style. This was approximately over a month ago.

The Drive Up

Soo...I never got to post my awesome pictures that I took when Kyle and I moved up here to Utah back in August. I will only post a few though because I took so many. So, I'll just pick my favorites.
This was in Flagstaff, I believe, and we kept on passing huge patches of yellow flowers and it was just so pretty!! And then you can see just beyond the flowers a rain storm..I thought it looked pretty awesome. Don't you?
This is what we were going in that storm was intense! It was pouring rain and there were parts that I was like..uhh, where's the road? But, I'm sure, if you were to ask Kyle he would say that it really wasn't that bad. haha.The Waffle Iron!! Growing up, my family and I would pass through this each time we drove up to Utah...which was a lot of the family named it..well, at least as far as I know. But, we call if that and I love passing through it every time. It reminds me of childhood memories of the family trips :)This just looked awesome. I love how you can see that we have made it through the storm and are going into clear sunny skies.Glen Canyon Dam!! :) I love this spot! It was one of my favorite spots to hit when traveling to Utah from Arizona. This was where we would stop for bathroom breaks, walk around (and most of the times-if we weren't in a hurry-we would walk across the bridge) and we would prepare for the "on-the-go" lunch that we would make and eat on the road with our old fashioned trays (which were awesome, by the way).We made it to Utah!This was just so pretty, I couldn't pass up taking a picture of it. We were almost to Provo by this point.And was foggy/misty and was raining on and wasn't too bad though, because it seemed to not rain when we were moving things from storage to car and car to home. So that was good!