Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Conversion Story

There is this new family in my ward (the Ruth's) that just got baptized yesterday and confirmed today at church. Yes, the WHOLE family, all 5 members of it. It is actually an amazing conversion story.
The lady I visit teach is just so wonderful and her family is pretty close to the Ruth family. It originally started by example and how the 2 kids of each family (both are 14) liked each other. But the LDS kid said that he couldn't date till he was 16. Well, the 14 year old (non-member) girl was like "wow, I really like that" and told her mom about it and she, too, was very impressed. Sister Ruth went over to the 14 year old boys mom and had so many questions about their standards and why they choose to do these things and what-not. She was very surprised to hear from her but very happy to answer her questions.
As a stake, we had something called "Invitation Sunday", which means, we invite friends and family that are not of our faith to our church. So, after the Ruth family did more investigating in the church they were invited to this and came. They loved it. Apparently this was what they have been searching for for so long.
Sister Ruth would say, "where were you guys when I was a teenager?". Good idea. But the Lord definitely works in mysterious ways and I found this story quite amazing and inspiring.
Anyway, sine the Invitation Sunday they continued to come to church each week, wanting to know more about everything (and still continue to we all do). And as of May 1st, 2011, the entire Ruth family was confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
For me, even though I barely know the family, I am so excited and happy for them. I can just see the joy in their faces. I can see their need for more spiritual knowledge and truth, which has helped them grow through this very process of conversion.
My heart jumps for joy for them and all members of the church, for it is a perfect church and it leads to happiness and Eternal Life with our loving Heavenly Father. Though the people of this church may not be perfect, the church is. I do know that this church is the only true gospel on this earth today and I hope to remain faithful with the teachings of my Savior so that I may return home again to Him some day.

P.S. The conversion story was basically a run down of it...I believe I got the story right. If I got something wrong (for those that know it better), please inform me of the mistake. Thanks! :)

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  1. Sweet story, thanks for sharing! I love Invitation Sunday!! 2 hour church and food, wish we had it every month :-)